About Us

The Huxley Clothing Company is an all new, small clothing brand based in the UK. It was founded in May 2020.

The founder had a dream of starting a clothing brand that provided solutions to the problems that he and many others faced. This was finding quality, stylish products at reasonable prices. It was on this basis that our motto for providing quality and affordability was created.

In terms of our designs we focus on simple, stylish aspects that incorporate our logo of the elephant with the twisted trunk named Huxley.

All of our products are unisex. We use male sizing for our products.

As this is a brand-new company we are still developing and growing our knowledge of the industry, working constantly on providing as well as developing our products and releasing new ones.

We appreciate any and all support given to us to help us get to our goal of providing everyone with affordable, quality products and to help us be one of the UKs top clothing brands with a wide reach and client base.